There is an advanced option with Better Coupon Box - Premium version that targets different groups of customers, thus showing two different coupons to New Visitor and Returning visitor.

Better Coupon Box - target customers

This option works best if the app has been applied on your store for a while. There are three options:

  • All customers.
  • New visitors are those who visit your store for the first time and in the next 24 hours after the first visit. After 24 hours, they are no longer considered new visitors.
  • Returning visitors are those who visit your store more than once in the last 30 days. 

For example, coupon A and B are created at 15:00 on March 2nd, A is shown to new visitors and B is shown to returning visitors. If a customer visits your site for the first time at 16:00 on March 2nd, coupon A will show for this customer. He returns to your store at 14:00 on March 3rd, he will still see coupon A.  If he returns one more time at 16:00 on March 3rd, he will see coupon B.

In order to check this feature, you can by opening your store in a Private tab. You will see the coupon A appear (there's no browsing history if you open the Private tab). 

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