Beeketing apps will automatically sync all your product information. However, If you don't want a specific item to be synced and used for the apps, please hide it from us by adding this tag to your product link:



How to hide the products?

To know how to add the above tag into a specific product, just follow the followings. We use a Shopify store as an example, but this tag can be used for all platforms that Beeketing apps are working with.:

Step 1: From your Store admin, click Products:

Step 2: Choose the product that you want to conceal from the detection of Beeketing's to add the tag. 

Step 3: In the Organization section, select or enter tags for your product, using a comma to separate different tags. Any new tags will be created.

Organization in Products

Step 4: When you are finished, Save your product.

That's all! And from now on, this product will be ignore in Beeketing system.

Submit the ticket or shoot an email at if you need more help, we are here to assist!