Install Personalized Recommendations here and get extra revenue running through recommandation block every week!

Empowered by automated recommendation based on sales, views, browsing data collected from your stores, Personalized Recommendation helps to create the sitewide personalized cross-sell and up-sell suggestions in the footer of the page to boost up your conversions and increase average order value.

Moreover, Personalized Recommendation becomes even more powerful with a new feature which allows handpicking related products or collections to appear in your recommendation. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how the app actually works with available recommendation options: 

1. Store bestsellers

Sourcing from your sales data, this type of recommendation shows the most desirable products in your store. It is easy to set up how your widgets look like in the Widgets tab. When you've already navigated 

Store best sellers

  • Design the whole widget to match your store theme including: 
    • The widget layout
    • The font, color, text title and style of header, product name, price and CTA button.
  • Easily choose the number of products to show in a row 
  • Choose the maximum number of products per slide  
  • Choose to place the widget's position on homepage, category, product and cart page.

Widget Customization

Please find specific details of how to design the look of Personalized Recommendation widget here.

2. Who bought this also bought

Who bought this also bought

The mechanism of this widget is similar to up-sell, the most relevant products are presented and suggested on the product page when your customers view this item. 

Going to app's dashboard >> Widget tab, you can fully manage how the widget looks in your store. 

Note: This widget displays on product page only.

3. Cart recommendations

Handpicked product widget

Based on the customers' behavior and how they have browsed and what was added to cart, the app can understand and grasp their tastes and preferences. The personalized recommendations are featured with the items which your customers are most likely want. 

This widget's layout, design, and position can be configured in the Widget tab, similar to the Store best sellers. 

4. Recently viewed and featured recommendations

Recently viewed and featured recommendations

This widget shows products customers have just viewed and recommends products based on those items. The way it recommends products is to segment people into groups or user types and make assumptions about them and what they’re looking for based on common characteristics like demographics, attitude, location, or behavioral set. Afterward, the app chooses targeted items to each group.

Note: Kindly note that the actual recently viewed product can only be shown when choosing the layout named Modern:

Recently viewed and featured recommendation layout

5. Handpicked products just for you

Handpicked product widget

If you have a set of products which you want to show and recommend, this option is for you. While automated recommendations can save you hours of work, this feature allows you to bring the best choices for your customer since no one can know your products better than yourself. 

Other than the design customizable option like the others, you are able to freely choose the products which should be suggested: 

Go to the Wiget tab >> Handpicked products just for you >> Customize >> Add cross-sell group

Handpicked Product Settings

  • Step 1: Choose the product page(s) which your widget should display. You can choose either all product or some specific products/collections. 
  • Step 2: Add products to your widget. Drag and drop to set up the order of selected items. You can create manually as many widgets as you want.

6. Smart Upsell Popup

Once a product in the above widgets are added, a smart up-sell popup appears to attract your customers' attention and offer the personalized suggestions for them. The feature can be enabled on the Settings tab: 

Smart up-sell settings

Here is how it works in your store: 

7. Quick View Popup:

When clicking on the product image on Personalized Recommendation's widget, your customer can learn about your products much more easily without being redirected to other pages.

Quick View

You can enable this feature in the app Settings >> Quick View Settings:

Here is how it looks on the storefront:

8. Understanding app statistic:

In the app Dashboard, you can filter the time and clearly see a general report and each widget report in details:

  • Generated sales 
  • Impression
  • Cart added
  • Orders: only available for the General report.

On this Dashboard, the app also shows a list of the most clicked products.


View the demo store here. To learn more how to optimize and make the most out of the app, take a look at our best practices and strategies here.