There are several reasons preventing up-sell offers from displaying on your site:

1. The incorrect setting in the detect shop ajax cart section

Ajax cart is a customization for your store theme that allows customers add a product to cart without refreshing or redirecting to Cart page. Boost Sales needs to know if you are using ajax cart or not so it could process and make sure up-sell pop-ups show up correctly. If you don't see your up-sell offers appear, the high chance is that Boost Sales are not able to know which flow you are using. You can easily solve this at Settings >> Other

  • If customers are redirected to Cart Page after adding a product to cart (not using ajax cart flow):

Go to Settings >> Other >> Your up-sell popup is not showing up as it should? >>  Choose the settings as instructed below:

  • If customers are not redirected to any other pages after adding a product to cart (ajax cart flow):

Go to Settings >> Other >> Your up-sell popup is not showing up as it should? >>  Choose the settings as instructed below:

2. Using the wrong feature for Buy-one-get-one offers

A possible reason is using the up-sell feature for Buy-one-get-one offers. In Boost Sales, if target product and upsell product are the same, the up-sell offer can't work. If you want to create a BOGO offer with Boost Sales, refer to the instruction here.

3. Up-sell offer includes unavailable products

If any products included in your offer are out of stock or removed/ deleted, the app also automatically keeps it from showing on your site so the offers won't confuse your customers as well as hurt the shopping experience.

4. Your theme doesn't allow Boost Sales to work properly

In order for an up-sell offer to show up every time a visitor clicks Add-to-Cart button, Boost Sales app has to detect Add-to-cart actions. However, with some Shopify special themes, it may fail to detect this button then eventually keeps up-sell offers from appearing. In this case, you could easily fix by adding ID or Class of the Add to cart button to Boost Sales' settings.

Step 1: Use browser inspector to find The ID or Class Name of an element (Add-to-cart button)

The browser inspector is a feature that allows you to view specific snippets of a web page element’s HTML and CSS. You can isolate specific elements or tags and view the corresponding CSS styles to easily test changes as well as copy the code for customization.

On your product page: Right click >> Click Inspect >> You will see the Inspector Window of your Product page

This is the Inspector Window: Click on the icon in the upper left corner to inspect an element of the page

For example, if you want to detect the Add to Cart button, just hover over it while opening the Inspector Window, the specific snippets of the Add To Cart button will be highlighted. Here you can find Add to Cart button's ID/Class as circled in red as below. Because we need the button's ID and class, here you should copy it to your clipboard for later use. 

Step 2: Go to Boost Sales back-end >> Access Settings tab >> Click Others

Step 3: Enter the Class/ID found in Step 1 to the box


  • Add "#" (hash) before the ID or "." (dot) before the class before entering it in the box. For example:

  • HTML

  • .product-form-product-template

  •  or 

  • HTML

  • #product-details

  • If the element has both ID and Class, please add #ID to the box

  • If the element has only ID or Class, please add #ID or .Class to the box

Finally, Hit Save to complete the settings and refresh your product page to check the result.

In some cases, this instruction might not work due to the specialty of your theme, feel free to contact, we are happy to support you.

Now it’s time for you to get started and create up-sell offers with Boost Sales app!