I. Introduce Beeketing plugin for WooCommerce

We publish all Beeketing apps into 1 plugin: Beeketing for WooCommerce. By installing this plugin, you will connect your WooCommerce website to Beeketing platform (via a free Beeketing account created by you), where you will get access to all Beeketing apps.

II. How to install Beeketing plugin for WooCommerce stores

1. Install or Upload Beeketing plugin via WordPress editor:

Download Beeketing plugin here, then upload into your WordPress admin. Or you can install the plugin directly from your WordPress admin.

2. Connect your website with Beeketing platform:

After the plugin is installed successfully, you will be asked to connecting your website with Beeketing website by creating a free Beeketing account:

Connect Beeketing and the online store.

It takes just 1 minute to create a free account with Beeketing. If you already had a Beeketing account, simple switch to Log in and enter your credentials.

Sign into Beeketing

3. Start using Beeketing apps

After your store is connected with Beeketing, you will get access to Beeketing dashboard, where we list all Beeketing apps (free & paid) so you can review and get started with apps you want.

Choosing Beeketing's apps which you want to install

III. Manage Beeketing apps from Beeketing plugin dashboard in WordPress admin:

Once apps are installed, their status will be updated in Beeketing plugin dashboard in WordPress admin. You can click to upgrade, manage, cancel them in Beeketing platform, or remove them from your store:

Some basic things to manage Beeketing's apps

Contact us for support at https://beeketing.com/contact if you need any support with Beeketing plugin.