Personalized Recommendation has four widgets, each of which can be turned on or off in the Dashboard tab as in the screenshot below.

The Dashboard of Personalized Recommendation

To make widgets fit with the feel and look of your website (in color, text font and size..), you can design all elements of the widgets in Design tab: 

You have options to change the following: 


  • Position alignment: left, center and right. 

  • Text font. 

  • Text size.

Product name:

  • Text font.
  • Text size.
  • Text color

Product price:

  • Text font.
  • Text size.
  • Text color.

CTA button:

  • Option to show: show on cart page only, show on all pages and don’t show. 
  • Button color

All changes can be instantly previewed in sample widget below before saving.