Quick Facebook Chat is meant to help you build the exceptional customer support. This article will help you understand how to optimize all the app’s features as well as obtain their benefits efficiently. It should take less than a few minutes to read thoroughly. Install it on your store for FREE today!

You can learn how to set up all the features of the app by following this simple guide:

How to activate Quick Facebook Chat:

Connect your Facebook page to Quick Facebook Chat:

Click here to log in to the app’s dashboard. First, you need to connect your Facebook page with the app.

If you have already connected your Facebook page, you can skip this step. 

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

Then you choose one Facebook page of yours (if you have more than 1 pages) to connect with Quick Facebook Chat. After you successfully connect your page, a dashboard like this will show up:

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

For those who have already connected their Facebook page, you can go to App’s Dashboard and choose Design Widget to start the setup:

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

Now, you can start customizing the app.

How to set up Quick Facebook Chat

Before you do any setup, you can choose to turn on the app on either desktop, or mobile, or both by:

 How to set up Answers

This step allows you to customize the app widget on your storefront. Live Facebook Chat will be displayed as follows:

General Setup

Next, you can edit Design and Custom messages. Their changes will be shown on the Preview

  • Design lets you customize the image, icon, text and color of chat button

  • Custom messages lets you customize the content displayed when your customers click the chat button, widget position, language and position.

General setup

That's it! Quick Facebook Chat is now ready to connect you to your customers via Facebook inbox.

To help you better visualize the app’s functions on your storefront, please visit the Quick Facebook Chat’ Demo Store

If you need help with anything, feel free to contact us, or send them to hi@beeketing.com.

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