Normally, Beeketing accepts and proceeds refund requests in a flexible manner to make sure resolutions are at our customers' best interest. However, our resolutions do adhere to Beeketing's guiding policies, as detailed below:

I. We accept refund requests under specific circumstances:

1. You are charged after your store is closed:

This happens when merchants close their online store but forget to cancel app's subscription. In this case, we will refund charges that happen after the store is closed. We will require proof, in acceptable forms, that shows on what date the store is closed.

2. Beeketing apps misfunction on your shop during your charged subscription period:

If you are charged for subscription, but cannot use Beeketing apps properly due to bugs, glitches, or mal-functions during this period, Beeketing may refund partially or fully to compensate. The refund amount is determined case by case.

II. How we proceed refund requests:

1. We may proceed refund in various terms, if appropriate, case by case:

  • Extend free days into your Beeketing account. You may choose which app(s) to apply the free days.
  • Add loyalty points into your Beeketing account. You can redeem your points with any Beeketing apps. Learn more about Beeketing Loyalty Program.
  • Transfer money into your Paypal account.

(Why we only accept Paypal to refund: Payment via credit cards will take a long process. We prefer paying via Paypal because it is instant (you receive the amount right after we execute the request) and it normally does not cause any troubles.)

2. How we determine if the refund is partial or full:

  • In most cases, to be eligible for full refund, your request should be issued within 3 days after you are charged. Based on sepcific circumstances, we may accept or decline your request.  
  • In case your refund request is issued more than 3 days after your are charged, you may be refunded partially, respective of the number of unused days in your subscription period, monthly or yearly. Full refund may still be accepted in special cases.
  • If you subscribe to yearly plans and request refund after using apps for a few months for acceptable reasons, we may proceed refund in either ways:
    • If you choose loyalty points: the refund amount = yearly subscription fee /12 * number of months left.
    • If you choose money transfer: the refund amount = yearly subscription fee - monthly fee before yearly discount * number of months used.

3. If you are charged via Shopify gateway:

  • We will contact Shopify Support to verify your account and request them to refund you 100% of the charge amount.

4. If you are charged via our Braintree gateway:

  • We will request the following details to verify your account and proceed your refund request:

    - Your first and last name

    - Your email address (that you use to set up your store)

    - The physical address on the store

    - The last 4 digits of the credit card on file or your Paypal account (the payment method used for the transaction)

    - Refund amount

  • After receiving these details, we will verify and refund you within 7 days, in chosen terms.