How Beeketing scripts work

As an app developer for eCommerce stores, we totally understand that page speed is a vital matter to the performance of your site. That's why we always optimize all of our codes so that they only take minimum resources of your site.

Beeketing scripts only start loading after all elements on your website finish rendering and loading, so that they don't affect your site’s loading process.

It may take a bit longer for sites to load for first-time visitors since Beeketing js scripts call request back to our server to retrieve all data. Then we use cache to save all loaded data on your site. Next time when customers browse your web, Beeketing js scripts will only load updated data to save time and resources

This way, we minimize time and resources taken for Beeketing js scripts to load when your website is opened.

How to mitigate the issue

Recommended solution:

If you experience this issue several times, the extended loading time might come from some conflicts between the app scripts and your theme. Please contact so we can investigate and fix it for you.

Another solution:

*Please note that this solution is not recommended. Just do it if you really need to remove some lines of codes on your site.

We insert two Beeketing.js files into your theme to make sure the app can work perfectly. One is the default file to render Beeketing apps on your store (which MUST NOT be removed), the second one - the bk-tracking file – is our backup code (which CAN BE removed). 

You can find the backup code at the bottom of your site scripts. Here’s our bk-tracking file:


You can delete these codes to save little resources for your eCommerce store. However, removing the bk-tracking file may cause issues that interrupt the way Beeketing apps work on your site. That's why we DO NOT recommend this method. In any cases, you can contact us at so we can investigate and optimize the site speed for you.