Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

Mailbot is a powerful Email Marketing app that helps eCommerce business owners send one-time/weekly newsletters or personalized follow-up emails to customers.

In this article:

- Introduce the Dashboard

- Overview about all campaigns

- Overview about advanced settings

1. Dashboard

In Mailbot dashboard, you will be fully informed about Mailbot's performance. All detailed statistics such as number of emails sent, generated sales, recent metrics (within 30 days)...will be shown here so you can get data-driven insights to improve your marketing campaigns.

2. Automation Campaigns

Mailbot provides built-in intelligent & automated Rule-based Campaigns to send triggered emails when customers enter a segment or perform an action. These campaigns are targeted based on shoppers' behaviors and interests on your store, to convert visitors into paying customers.

Similar to Newsletter Campaign, Rule-based Campaign has built-in campaigns already pre-written for you

3. Newsletter Campaigns

You can create your own Custom Newsletters to send one-time marketing emails, and promote in-store products to your whole customer list or a specific existing customer segments.

How to create a Custom Newsletter Campaign

4. Customer

In Mailbot, you can manage, segment your customer list easily and flexibly: 

  • Add/ sync customer list.
  • Unsubscribe a contact from Mailbot's campaigns.

5. Email logs

In this tab, you can manage the status of all your sent emails and also filter these emails by campaign names, email subjects, email status or user actions. 

6. General Settings

Here are general options to customize your email campaigns:

  • Email Header and Footer
  • Email Layout
  • Sender Information
  • Others
More Instruction Tutorials of Mailbot can be found here.

We hope Mailbot will be your helpful Email Marketing assistant!