Below is a detailed instruction about how to install a Beeketing’s app on Lightspeed.

Beeketing apps that support SEOshop platform:

  1. Happy Email
  2. Quick Facebook Chat
  3. Better Coupon Box
  4. Mailbot
  5. Checkout Boost
  6. Boost Sales
  7. Personalized Recommendation 
Step 1

In your Lightspeed admin, go to Apps on the left sidebar menu

Access App on Lightspeed

Step 2:

Search for Beeketing apps by typing the name of the app you would like to install. In this article, it is "Quick Facebook Chat". In case you want to install multiple apps by Beeketing, you can search for us by the keyword "Beeketing"

Search for Beeketing's app

Step 3:

Select the app you would like to install and click Install App as in the screenshot below

Install the app

Step 4:

Enter your email and password then click next. You need to Grant access to finish your installation.

Confirm email and password

Grant access for the app

And that's it. You're done!We are incessantly trying to improve our products based on customers’ feedback, so if you have any suggestion, please let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen.

Beeketing team.