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While using Mailbot app, you might see this popup appears on your app's dashboard: 

Notification for the suspended account

1. Reasons for the suspense

This notification shows when your account has been suspended as your customer list includes too many low-qualified email addresses. It might cause the high rate of bounced and spammed emails. Thus, in order to avoid other email providers mark your sending account as a junk, we have to temporarily suspend it so the situation won't go worse. 

As a result, your emails will not be sent while your account is suspended. 

2. How to unsuspend my account?

Kindly check your customers' contacts (by using some authentic tools. Free Email Verifier and EmailHippo are some example tools for youand clean up your customer base then contact our our support line so we can activate your account again for you. 

To clean up your customer base, you can either check your email log or customer segments and click on the bounced customers to remove them:

    - Checking customer segments

Bounces segment & Spammed Reports

  - Checking email logs

>>Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further support with Mailbot app.