Answers, or the new version of Quick Facebook Chat, meant to help you build the exceptional customer support. Because it contains more features than the old Quick Facebook Chat does, this article will help you understand how to optimize all the app’s features as well as obtain their benefits efficiently. It should take less than 10 minutes to read thoroughly. 

Overview of Answers’ features

All the features serve the main purpose: build a fast and reliable auto-reply system. They are:

        1. Facebook Live Chat: provides live chat support for customers via Facebook Messenger. Once customers send you a message, it will store all of their conversations and help you build a Messenger subscriber list

        2. Searchable FAQs: allows customers to search the answers to frequently asked questions instantly. 

        3. Order Status: informs customers about the latest status of their orders. It starts by asking for customer’s email and order number, then immediately shows them the link to their order status page. 


        4. Chat Bot: auto-reply to customers' questions 24/7 with an AI-powered technology. It provides a human-like support agent that replies to the most common questions from customers related to order status, order cancellation or order return.

Now, you can learn how to set up all the features above, by following this simple guide:

How to activate Answers

Connect your Facebook page to Answers:

Click here to log in to the app’s dashboard. First, you need to connect your Facebook page with Answers.

If you have already connected your Facebook page, you can skip this step. 

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

Then you choose one Facebook page of yours (if you have more than 1 pages) to connect with Answers. After you successfully connect your page, a pop-up like this will show up:

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

This pop-up will show up only one time after you connect your Facebook page for the first time. 

For those who have already connected their Facebook page, you can go to App’s Dashboard >> click Overview >> choose Design Widget to start the setup:

Connect your Facebook page to Answers

Now, you can start customizing the app.

How to set up Answers

Before you do any setup, you can choose to turn on the app on either desktop, or mobile, or both by:

 How to set up Answers

    1. General Setup 

This step allows you to customize the app widget on your storefront. First, you can decide whether you want to turn on the Help Center (includes Searchable FAQs and Order Status) or not.

When Help Center turned off, only Live Facebook Chat will be displayed:

General Setup

When Help Center turned on, all three - Searchable FAQs, Order Status, and Live Facebook Chat will be displayed:

General Setup

Next, you can edit General and Button Design. 

  • General lets you customize the color and wallpaper of the box

  • Button Design lets you customize the app icon

General setup

    2. Set up Welcome State

Once you are happy with the widget’s design, you can edit the texts on the widget here:

Set up Welcome State

    3. Set up Help Center State

In Help Center State, you now can simply turn on Searchable FAQs and Order Status by clicking the 2 boxes:

Set up Help Center State

If you wish, you can turn off “Search Questions” (Searchable FAQs) and keep the Order Status, or vice versa.

Note: Please remember to hit “save and activate” to save all your setups and editings. You can see it live on your store immediately after you hit “save and activate”.

Set up Help Center State

However, in order for your customer to use the FAQs, you need to do an extra step by editing the FAQs:

Set up Help Center State

    4. Set up FAQs

Here is where you personalize your Q&As from the existing list:

Set up FAQs

The sample Q&As will not be published on your storefront unless you edit and save them:

Set up FAQs

Feel free to add as many as questions as you like. Or, you can use our existing questions list and edit the answers for them. The more personalized the list, the more information you customer can find. 

    5. Chat Bot:

Provides a human-like support agent that replies to the most common questions from customers related to order status, order cancellation or order return. The Chat Bot is currently supporting English only, but many languages will be added in the future. You only need to set up which information your customers could find out via Chat Bot:

You can also set active hours for your store, and change the Bot's identification including names, introduction and fallback message.

    6. Set up Live Chat State

Here, you can edit your own Chat Menu that shows a menu shortcut in each Messenger’s chat conversation between you and your customers (Coming soon)

To help you better visualize the app’s functions on your storefront, please visit the Answers’ Demo Store

Set up now so your customer can enjoy the exceptional customer support.

If you need help with anything, feel free to contact us.