When Insightful app is uninstalled from your store, technically, all the app codes will be automatically removed from your theme.


However, there are 2 positions where codes are left. These unremoved codes do not affect your storefront and performance. However, if you wish to totally clear all Insightful codes from your store, please follow 2 steps below:


1) Go to your theme.liquid or layout.liquid layout file and remove these code lines:

<!-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE START -->{% include 'bk-tracking' %}<-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE END --!>

edit theme in Shopify

2) Search for bk-tracking.liquid file and remove it (If you’re using other Beeketing apps, this step is not necessary). Please refer to the image below:

Edit bk-tracking.liquid

If you cannot remove these codes and need help from our engineering team, please send us an email at hi@beeketing.com to request the support. We will delete the codes for you at no expense!