Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

When you enter Mailbot dashboard, you will see a small button: Show Reports. By clicking the button, you will be able to see detailed statistics about the app's performance on your store. 

1. Overview

Mailbot Overview

In this board, you will be informed all general information about the app's performance. Each statistic will be linked to Email Log and filter the corresponding status.

Email sent: Number of emails sent by Mailbot. 

- Opened/Clicked: Number of emails that were opened and clicked by receivers.

- Bounced/Spammed/Delivered: Percentages of bounced/Spammed/Delivered emails from all sent emails.

- Generated sales: Total sales generated by Mailbot. 

- Orders: Generated orders by Mailbot. 

How to calculate generated sales: When customers visit the store by clicking from emails sent through Mailbot, if they make any orders, this order will be calculated as a generated order. Time to convert is 30 days. If customer places order 30 days after clicking the link in emails sent by Mailbot, it will not be counted as a generated order. 

2. Recent metrics

In this board, you can find the statistics about all sent emails within 30 days, which are presented as volume chart and performance chart. 


Recent metrics - Volume chart

3. Campaign Reports


This area will allow you to turn on/off all campaigns by clicking on the switch buttons. Besides, It also shows the detailed statistic about each campaign. By clicking on the descriptions, you will be redirected to the corresponding campaigns.

More Instruction Tutorials of Mailbot can be found HERE.

We hope Mailbot will be your helpful Email Marketing assistant!