How Beeketing scripts work?

When Beeketing apps are installed in your shop, Beeketing scripts are automatically injected into your theme's footer so that apps can work on your storefront.

Do Beeketing scripts affect your site's loading time?

Beeketing only loads AFTER all elements on your site finish rendering and loading, thus Beeketing scripts hardly affect your site's loading time. Let's take a look at an example:

Beeketing loading time

When you examine loading statistics as above:

  1. Finish time includes both time to load site and time to load subsequent requests from additional resources, including requests from Beeketing scripts. The latter does not affect the former.
  2. Load time is the site's onload time.

When onload time is finished, all main elements on your websites are rendered and loaded fully, and customers can start adding items to cart. Subsequent requests loading does not affect their buying experience on your store.

How to exactly measure your site's onloading time after installing Beeketing apps, using GTmetrix?

GTmetrix to measure loading time

GTmetrix shows Fully Loaded Time as a combination of Onload time and Time to load subsequent requests. Thus if you install Beeketing apps, the script requests will add to the fully loaded time of your store. Please take into account only the Onload time when the processing of the page is complete and all the main resources on the page (images, CSS, etc.) have finished downloading. 

This is to reassure you that Beeketing scripts do not affect your store's onload time and user experience on your shop.

Besides, we highly recommend that you try other measures to increase the loading time of your WooCommerce store by reading this instruction for referece: How to Speed Up a Slow WooCommerce Store.