Beeketing for Magento extension is a free connector between your Magento 2 stores and Beeketing platform (a Software-as-a-Service Marketing Automation platform for eCommerce websites). You can download it free from the Magento Marketplace or install it via the Command Line as instructed here.

Once having the extension installed into your store, you will have access to all Beeketing apps in the dashboard as below:

The free apps are free forever, you can install these apps without paying anything and have access to full features.

There are 5 premium apps that require subscription charges:

  • Boost Sales: monthly subscription fee at $30-$37-$39 / month or $45/month with commission charges at a rate of 2.5%.
  • Checkout Boost: monthly subscription fee at $20-$27-$29 / month
  • Mailbot: monthly subscription fee at $29-$45-$49 / month
  • Personalized Recommendaiton: monthly subscription fee at $17-$23-$25 / month
  • Better Coupon Box premium plan: $30 for every 3 months or $54 for every 6 months or $99 per year.

All subscription-based apps come with a 7-day free trial or a 15-day free trial so you can test the apps out before paying for the service.

Contact us for support if you have any questions about pricing of Beeketing services.