1. Installation

The app can be easily installed directly from the Appstore or from our website

On most of the supported platforms, there is no additional step required. However, if your store is based on:

After installing and confirming billing information, you will be redirected to App Dashboard. Now, the app is ready to rock your sales. Let's take a look at all app's features to get an overall understanding.

2. App tour

2.1. Up-sell offers

Up-sell popups will show and suggest the alternative or relevant products as soon as your customers add an item to cart. In the Up-sell tab, you can add, edit and manage all your up-sell offers. Here is how it looks: 

2.2 Cross-sell offer

Cross-sell offers allow you to suggest the complementary bundles that could be bought together. When customers view one of the bundled products, the app will present the whole combo as a embed widget. Here is how it looks: 



2.3 Last step up-sell

This feature helps you increase sales even more at the last minute. Once shoppers hit "Checkout button" on the cart page, an up-sell pop-up will display to encourage them to buy more right before checking out. You can absolutely set up a condition for this kind of offers. 

  • Demo store: Go to this store, add any items to cart and then hit Checkout button in Cart page, you will see a Last Step up-sell offer show up.
  • Click here to learn more about this option.


2.4. Sales motivator 

Sales motivator feature empowers sales gamification tactic which encourages your customers to spend more to reach a goal and get a special discount. Sales Motivator feature has been integrated into Last step up-sell offer feature. Once Sales Motivator is activated, it will be applied to last step up-sell offers. 

2.5 Smart up-sell and smart cross-sell

In addition to custom offers, Boost Sales has smart Upsell and smart Cross-sell options that automatically suggest personalized upsell products or cross-sell combos to your customers, based on sales history and customers' behaviors the app collects and analyses. These features will help you sell much better automatically, without creating custom offers for every single product.

Learn more about the smart options here.

2.6. Quick View feature

To help increase the conversion rate and simplify the e-commerce shopping experience, Quick View is featured in Boost Sales app. Your customers can learn about your products much more easily once clicking the product picture on your homepage, collection pages or Up-sell/ Cross-sell offers without being redirected to other pages: 

  • Click here to learn how to configure the Quick view pop-up.

Now it’s time for you to get started with Boost Sales! To learn more how to optimize and make the most out of the app, take a look at our best practices and strategies here.