This solution is for stores using the old version of the app only. If you install Quick Facebook Chat after Jan 31st, 2018, the feature is automatically enabled, you can disregard this instruction.

After the update, Quick Facebook Chat allows your customers to chat directly with you without leaving your online store. This enables you –  the store owners to have a continuous chat session, regardless of whether your customer is on Facebook Messenger or the store’s website.

In order to activate the feature, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click here to log in the app

Step 2: Click ‘Update new version' on the sidebar (You can revert to the old version anytime).

Quick Facebook Chat - update to the newest version

Step 3: Whitelist your domain (to specify a list of third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger web view). In order to set or update the domain whitelist, you must have the 'Administrator' role for the Page and do the following to update your domain whitelist:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  • Click Messenger Platform on the left.
  • Edit whitelisted domains for your page in the Whitelisted Domains section. Type in both the HTTP:// and HTTPS:// variants of your domain to ensure it works for 100% of users. Click the SAVE button.

Quick Facebook Chat - Whitelist your domains

That's done. Facebook messenger live chat is activated for your online store.

We hope that this major revamp would help you maximize the opportunity to communicate at scale with your existing and potential customers.

>> Connect with customers & convert them into sales via Facebook Messenger right on your store with Quick Facebook Chat. Get app for FREE.